Web hosting?

My current  hosts for the Tertullian project have been fine, but they only allow me 1.5Gb of disk space.  I’m beginning to find this tight.  Does anyone have a suggestion of a reliable, reasonably-priced professional US hosting service?

5 Responses to “Web hosting?”

  1. Robert

    I’ve had good experiences with DreamHost and have all of my domains there.


  2. Laura Gibbs

    I’ve had very good luck with SiteGround.

  3. Mark

    I haven’t actually tried it yet; I’m stil using wordpress for free; but when I researched it a while back, the one I was going to try was blue host. I think the cost was 6.95 per month, including some free domain names and I think the bandwidth looked pretty good. I believe thepeople at wordpress recommended it.

  4. Mike A

    I’d highly recommend Site5.com. I’m a web developer, and I’ve hosted over 10 clients on their servers over the last 5 years or so with no problems at all. Last time I checked they had a deal going for something like 500GB of storage per month and 5TB of bandwidth for something like $8 a month.

  5. Kevin P. Edgecomb

    I’ve used XO.com for the last nearly ten years. In all that time, I’ve only had connectivity issues once, and that was only for a day. They’re very inexpensive, with various hosting plans.