Holiday reading while visiting Luxor

As the days count down to my holiday to Luxor, I start looking at the thermometer.  It’s 5C here; in Luxor today it’s 25C.  

Of course one joy of going on holiday is time off the internet, and time to read books.  Probably we should avoid scholarly reading.  Last year I took a volume of Graf’s Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur with me, but never read a line.  Holidays are for a break.  This year I’m taking guidebooks, and (if Amazon deliver them in time) novels.

I’ve not decided whether to do any sight-seeing, although I probably will.  Ancient Egypt is good; but what about Coptic Egypt?  Is there anything to see in this region?

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  1. Djeme

    Try to get beyond the spectacular temple of Medinet Habu. Within it’s precinct along the western enclosure wall you’ll find the best ‘preserved’ coptic settlement. Of course, also note the newly restored late-Roman paintings in the sanctuary of the temple of Luxor!

    Have fun and say hello to Ali




  2. Roger Pearse

    I remember Medinet Habu. Thanks for the suggestions!

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  5. Eric

    I have a question for you Roger and I can’t find your email address. Will you email me? Address here: