Anyone know where I can get an electronic Greek text of the LXX for Ezekiel?

There must be one, surely?

I don’t know what the critical Greek text is, but that’s the one that I would prefer.

Any help gratefully received!

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  1. Marcel

    Would the New Advent Bible – Ezekiel be useful?

  2. Mats
  3. Roger Pearse

    Thank you both for this — better than I had before.

    I wonder what we are looking at here?

  4. Juan Garces

    There are several online places to read the text. I guess, this one by the German Bible Society is as official as it gets, though the text only seems to be offered on a chapter-by-chapter basis:

  5. Roger Pearse

    Better still – thank you! I don’t know much about LXX studies, but something from the German Bible Society seems like a good start.

  6. KP

    Ah the murky world of the LXX.

    Here is a list of recommended critical editions from the crew that put together the popular CATSS electronic edition.

    Most online Greek LXX resources are either Ralf’s edition or the CATSS version (Computer-Assisted Tools for Septuagint Studies) tweaked according to the whim of the site owner. CATSS was jointly run by the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and the University of Pennsylvania.

  7. Roger Pearse

    Thank you! That’s really helpful!

  8. Michael Smith

    Hello Roger!

    If you would prefer the Septuagint in PDF format for convenience, here are some links courtesy of the Internet Archive:

    The Old Testament in Greek according to the Septuagint (admittedly rather outdated, but supplements the text with a useful critical apparatus). The Greek text of Ezekiel is included in Vol. 3.

    Vol. 1:

    Vol. 2:

    Vol. 3:

    As a useful supplement, the Internet Archive also hosts a two volume set containing the collected fragments of Origen’s Hexapla (which include the fragments of later Greek translations of the OT, namely those attributed to Theodotion, Symmachus and Aquila). They make for an interesting comparison with the LXX text.

    Origenis Hexaplorum (Vol. 1)

    Origenis Hexaplorum (Vol. 2)

  9. Roger Pearse

    Thank you very much!