Sermons of Chrysostom after his first exile

John Chrysostom made a lot of enemies very quickly in Constantinople after he became patriarch, especially among the more corrupt clergy and court officials who objected to his campaign for higher standards of behaviour. They quickly arranged for him to be deposed and exiled.  But when the Constantinople mob found out, a riot was threatened and he was quickly recalled.

After his return, attempts were made to patch things up, especially with Severian of Gabala who had been insulted pretty seriously by John’s deacons. 

I find in Migne three sermons; De Regressu Sancti Joannis (PG52, col. 421), De Recipiendo Severiano (col. 423), and Severian’s reply De Pace (col. 425).  All three are given in Latin, and seem far too short to be full versions.  I don’t know if there are more sermons than these three.

The full Greek text of Severian’s reply exists, and indeed it turns out to be online.  But what about the Chrysostom sermons?  Are there Greek versions of these, and if so where?


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  1. I’ve found some info on De Regressu Sancti Joannis on Google Books, in a German book called “Johannes Chrysostomus in Konstantinopel”, by Claudia Tiersch. On page 324 (footnote 70) it says that a Greek version of De Regressu Sancti Joannis, based on a manuscript from Stavronikita monastery, was published by A. Wenger in Revue des Etudes Byzantines 19 (1961). I have no acces to this issue of REB, but this information might be useful to you.

  2. *Very* useful! Thank you so much. I don’t have access to it either, but someone will. There aren’t any page numbers for the article, are there?

  3. The page range is 110-124 (or 110-123, as I’ve found in another book, “John Chrysostom”, by W. Mayer and P. Allen). Sorry, I forgot to mention the page numbers in my first comment.

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