Eusebius update

I’m trying to get the issues with the dustjacket fixed.  Everything is taking longer than it might!  The graphic designer isn’t responding to my emails — I don’t think I was nasty to him, but I did have to say that the proof showed up problems, because it did. 

A reader has kindly jumped in and is making some possible changes which may do instead.  Also Bob the typesetter has answered my email after a two day delay and had a go at fixing  them too.  But … I can’t see what he did as I don’t have a copy of InDesign and he can’t export as PDF since I didn’t realise I needed to send him the images separately! 

It is a little frustrating to be so close but unable to get it done.  Still, I think it will happen.  I start a new job on Monday, which will mean that I can’t spend much time on this then.

I’m also working on getting the Amazon “search inside” functionality working. 


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