An English translation of the Life of Samuel of Kalamoun

I learn today that an edition of the Coptic text of the life of Samuel of Kalamoun does exist, with English translation.  It was edited by Anthony Alcock, and published in 1983 in Warminster by Aris & Phillips, ISBN 0856682195.  It is useful to know it exists.  According to COPAC, it is based on his 1972 D.Phil. thesis at Oxford, which was a critical text of the manuscript, Pierpont Morgan ms. Coptic 578.

Dr Alcock also worked on the 4th century Coptic texts from the Kellis excavations, of which volume 1 was published in 2001 and volume 2 is yet (sigh) to appear, as well as a range of other interesting coptica.

I need to think some more about Coptic material.  I’d still like to get more work done on the De Lagarde catena, and there must be other Coptic texts which could usefully go online.


5 thoughts on “An English translation of the Life of Samuel of Kalamoun

  1. Interesting — this I had not known!

    I find Mary Beard’s blog too overtly “establishment” for my tastes, but no doubt it does good in promoting the classics.

  2. Roger, in your English translation of the Apocalypse of Samuel ( )you translated one page of the Notes by F. Nau as you were not able to get access to the other two pages. I am sending a link with the other pages. You may want to translate these two to complete your excellent translatory work.


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