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I’m getting ready to go on a trip to Israel with a local church group, as part of my cunning plan to make more links with the local Christian community.  It seemed to me, rightly or wrongly, that 6 days in the company of people from my area, looking at things in which we are both interested, should be productive of friendships.

The tour seems to be staggeringly expensive, yet the actual quality of hotels etc is lower than I have stayed in for many years.  These pilgrimage tours are a rum lot!  But I expect I can endure for a few days, and I hope to see Galilee. 

Likewise, for unexplained reasons, we see to have an overnight flight.  Never been on one of those.

Slightly worryingly, the travel pack includes a small hymnbook.  I wonder under what circumstances that gets used!  Some Christian groups can do weird things, like running people around all day and then expecting them to attend a bible study in the evenings when everyone is tired.

Predicted temperatures are not great.  The last time I was in Jerusalem was 20 years ago (and don’t those numbers sneak up on you?!), and it was perishingly cold.  The other thing I remember from that tour is the pickpockets outside the church of the holy tomb.  Must make sure that I don’t give them any business!

The task of earning a living will return soon enough.  In the mean time, I am trying to make hay.


4 thoughts on “From my diary

  1. I think this is a very good idea. First you have a solo vacation, then you “go up” with a group pilgrimage.

  2. Bon voyage! Pray for your readers at the holy places! If you visit Masada, keep an eye open for my silver rosary ring that a friend dropped there a couple of years ago …

  3. Thank you! I’m not sure whether we go to Masada — although we must, surely?

    The idea of praying for my readers is a good one. I don’t think that I ever have, but I ought to do so. When I get back to writing blog entries, I really did ought to do that. God might well use it.

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