“The miracle of St Michael at Colossae” – now online in English

Anthony Alcock has taken a break from Coptic and translated for us all this Greek hagiographical legend, from the text given in the Patrologia Orientalis 4.  A few notes on the text from the PO might be of interest to readers.

The Bollandist editors placed the composition of this text between 692, when Colossae was abandoned, and 787 AD, when there ceased to be any bishops of Colossae.  Nau believes that it is 7th or perhaps 6th century.

There are three recensions of the Greek text, and a longer Latin version (extant in a single 13th century manuscript) as well.  The first recension is anonymous, and it is this that Nau edited, and that Dr. A has translated.  This is based mainly on Paris BNF suppl. gr. 480, an uncial manuscript (Nau gives no date).  The Bollandists edited  and translated (into Latin) the second recension, attributed to Sisinnius, Archbishop of Constantinople, in the Acta Sanctorum September VIII p.38-49.  The third recension is the one revised by Metaphrastes in the 11th century, and which appears in all the Greek menologia.  Both the first and third recensions have been published in the Analecta Bollandiana.

Dr. A’s translation of this first recension is here:

I think we can all thank Dr. A for making it available.


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