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Mar Ahudemmeh (Hudeni) was monophysite Maphrian of Tikrit who was martyred in 575 AD.

Ya'qub Burde'ana never worked in Persia, but about 559 he consecrated Ahudemmeh as bishop of Tagrit in the highlands of Adiabene, a district which had steadily resisted Barsauma and the Nestorians and became the focus of Persian Monophysitism. Ahudemmeh proved himself a vigorous missioner who did much to spread Monophysite doctrine. He even made converts of some members of the royal family and baptized one of the sons of King Khusraw I, giving him the name of George. But for this he was cast into prison and there executed in 575. (Source probably Bar Hebraeus, Chron. Eccl. ii. 100-ish?)