Anonymous literature of the early 7th century

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We know of the following anonymous treatises from this period:

Verse homily on Alexander the Great

This text survives in several somewhat different forms. The manuscripts sometimes attribute it to Jacob of Serugh (wrongly). References within the work suggest that it was written in North Mesopatamia around 629-30, shortly after the emperor Heraclius had finally defeated the Persian Sassanid empire, and recovered the relics of the True Cross seized by the Persians in the sack of Jerusalem in 614.

A Latin and a German translation exist of this work.

Anonymous Hagiographical Texts

Various texts exist, including

  • the Life of the East Syrian/Nestorian Catholicos Sabrisho' (d. 604)
  • the Life of Febronia of Nisibis. An English translation exists of this.


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  • Life of Febronia, S.P.Brock and S.A.Harvey, Holy Women of the Syrian Orient. pp. 152-76.