Anonymous prose hagiography

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Some of the following hagiographical texts can sometimes be dated to the 5th century because they are extant in very early manuscripts. Others are less certainly dated, but probably from this period.

Life of Abraham of Qidun and his niece Mary

This text has been wrongly attributed to Ephrem Syrus. An English translation exists of the portion on Mary.

This was translated into Greek, and thence into Latin. A 10th century nun, Hrotswitha of Gandersheim used the Latin text as a source for a play on this subject.

Life of the Man of God

English and French translations exist of this. The earliest form of the work was composed in Syriac. It was translated into Greek in a re-edited and expanded form, where the hero is now named Alexis. This longer version was subsequently translated back into Syriac, as well as into Latin. ...