Cyrus of Edessa

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Cyrus of Edessa was a fellow-pupil and successor of Thomas of Edessa in the early 6th century, who attended with him the Nestorian theological school at Nisibis. He composed a further 6 explanations of church feasts. These are extant today in 7 manuscripts, all derived from a copy (possibly now lost) of a now lost 16th century manuscript from Seert. The explanations have been edited with an English translation by W.F.Macomber.


  • William F. Macomber, S.J., Six Explanations of the Liturgical Feasts by Cyrus of Edessa, an East Syrian Theologian of the Mid 6th century. Louvain (1974). CSCO 355-6; Scriptores Syri 155-6.