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Dadisho` was an East Syriac writer of the late 7th century. Like Isaac the Syrian, he originated from Beth Qatrayem and was later connected with the monastery of Rabban Shabur.[1]

His surviving works include:

  • Commentary on the Asceticon of Abba Isaiah FT
  • Commentary on the Paradise of the Egyptian Fathers, compiled by `Enanisho`. This work has never been published, other than a few extracts.
  • On the Solitude of the Seven Weeks ET. This deals with the theme of stillness (hesychia) during solitary retreats lasting seven weeks.
  • Various other shorter texts on the spiritual life. ET.


  • Commentary on Abba Isaiah's Asceticon: FT by R. Draguet, CSCO Syr. 144-5 (1972)
  • On Seven Weeks etc: A. Mingana, Early Christian Mystics, 1934.


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