Dioscorus of Gozarto

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Dioscorus Gabriel of Gozarto d-Qardu was the disciple of [Gregory_Barhebraeus|Bar-Hebraeus], and wrote his biography. He was a West Syriac/Monophysite writer of the late 13th/early 14th century. He was a monk in the monastery of Bartelli, and was consecrated bishop of Gozarto d-Qardu in 1285/6 by [Gregory_Barhebraeus|Bar-Hebraeus].

He says that [Gregory_Barhebraeus|Bar-Hebraeus] could speak Armenian, along with Syriac, Arabic and Persian and other languages (So J.Y. Çiçek, Mimro 'al qadisho Griguriyus mafryono d-madnho da-'bid l-Diyusqurus episqupo d-Gozarto mdito d-Qardu shnat 1286 m. [Glane/Losser: Bar Hebraeus Verlag, 1985], 39.5-6; cf. A. Sauma, "Commentary on the 'Biography' of Bar Hebraeus", Aram [Stockholm] 7 [1998] 35-68, here 40).

His works include:

  • A verse life of [Gregory_Barhebraeus|Bar-Hebraeus]
  • Various anaphora