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The amount of solid, useful information online about Syriac writers is fairly lamentable, particularly for those new to Syriac studies who have no idea what writers exist or when they wrote. Brock's Brief Outline of Syriac Literature (1997) is unbelievably difficult to obtain; Wright's History of Syriac Literature is a mess as a guide for the newcomer and is over a century old, although readilly accessible through Gorgias Press. A new guide is desperately needed in print; still more on the web.

What one man cannot do, many people might do through a Wiki project. This site is intended as a place where information -- not hearsay -- can be found, and references to take the reader further forward. No-one is allowed to edit without a user account. It is hoped that only people with definite knowledge will write. Extracts of material from Wikipedia are discouraged.

The site is not intended as a vehicle for original scholarship, but to facilitate and encourage interest in Syriac studies.