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Commentary on the Diatessaron

Ephraem’s commentary on the Diatessaron is preserved in two Armenian MSS, both dated AD 1195. G. Mösinger made a Latin translation of the Armenian Ephraemic commentary (Evangelii concordantis expositio [Venice: Libraria P. P. Mechitaristarum in Monasterio S. Lazari, 1876]) based on the two Armenian MSS and J.-B. Aucher’s 1841 Latin translation.


For Syriac and Armenian recensions (fourth cent.) of Ephraem’s commentary see L. Leloir, Saint Éphrem, Commentaire de l’Évangile concordant, texte syriaque (Chester Beatty Monographs 8; Dublin: Hodges Figgis, 1963); id., Saint Éphrem, Commentaire de l’Évangile concordant, version armenienne (CSCO 137, 145; Louvain: Imprimerie Orientaliste, 1954); and J. Rendel Harris, Fragments of the Commentary of Ephrem Syrus upon the Diatessaron (London: J. Clay, 1895). Between 1984 and 1986 forty-one folios of Ephraem’s commentary were acquired by the Chester Beatty Library; see L. Leloir, "Le commentaire d’Éphrem sur le Diatessaron. Quarante et un folios retrouvés," RB 94 (1987) 481-518. A further single folio was published by P. Ortiz Valdivieso, “Un nuevo fragmento siríaco del Commentario de san Efrén al Diatésaron (PPalau Rib. 2),” Studia papyrologica 5 (1966) 7-17.

English: Saint Ephrem's Commentary on Tatian's Diatessaron: An English Translation of Chester Beatty Syriac MS 709 with Introduction and Notes Translated with introduction and notes by Carmel McCarthy. Oxford University Press (1994) 392 pages; halftone frontispiece; ISBN. 0-19-922163-4. Series: Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement, 2. Available from Amazon