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George, Bishop of the Arab Tribes, was a West Syriac writer. He died in February 724. He was a pupil of Athanasius II, and in 686 he became the Syrian Orthodox (monophysite/jacobite) bishop of the Christian Arab tribes. He was the last in the chain of Syrian Orthodox scholar-bishops, well grounded in Greek scientific and philosophical studies.


  • He completed book 7 of the the Commentary on the Six Days of Creations (Hexameron) which Jacob of Edessa had left unfinished on his death. [LT]
  • A revised translation, with introductions and commentaries, of the earlier books of Aristotle's Organon (the works on logic).
  • Scholia on the Homilies of Gregory Nazianzen.
  • A Commentary on the liturgy, including baptism and eucharist [ET] and the myron [GT].
  • A collection of letters. These are of great interest and deal with a range of topics, including: the identity of Aphrahat; his views on the human soul and spirit; chronology and astronomy; and difficult passages in the works of Jacob of Edessa. [GT]
  • A verse homily (memra) on Severus of Antioch. [ET] Other memre are also attributed to George, but possibly wrongly; the one on the myron is attributed in some manuscripts to Jacob of Serugh.

Among his works he preserves a fragment of a work by Bardaisan, which was published by Nau in "Bardesane l'astrologue" etc. (Paris, 1899).

  • "George, a bishop of the Arabs of Mesopotamia, wrote a Scholia on the Scripture around the sixth century." (Abdiyah Akbar Abdul-Haqq, Sharing Your Faith with a Muslim [Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis MN, 1980], p. 29)
  • Some of his works are preserved in Paris Ms. Syriaque 346 which contains mainly works by Severus Sebokht.


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