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Isho`dnah or Isodenah was an East Syriac writer who flourished ca. 860 AD. He was metropolitan of Prat d-Maishan, modern Basra.[1]


The following works are known.

  • Book of Chastity or History of the Founders of Monasteries in the realms of the Persians and the Arabs.FT This is a collection of 140 short notices concerning monastic figures, beginning with Mar Augen, supposedly in the 4th century, and continued down to the mid-9th century.
  • An Ecclesiastical History. This is lost, but cited by Elias of Nisibis, writing in the early 11th century. A comparison between the Book of Chastity and the Chronicle of Seert shows that the latter is dependent on the former. Similarly the lost Ecclesiastical History can be shown to be a source when material taken from it by Elias of Nisibis is compared with the parallel passages in the [[Chronicle of Seert].[2]


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  • J.M.Fiey, Icho`dnah metropolite de Basra, et son oeuvre, L'Orient Syrien 11 (1966), 431-50.[2]
  • P. Nautin, L'auteur de la "Chronique de Seert": Išo`dnah de Basra, Revue de l'histoire des religions 186 (1974)[2]
  • J.M.Fiey, Išo`dnah et la Chronique de Seert.[2]
  • Baumstark, p.234.


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