John bar Zo`bi

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John bar Zo`bi was an East Syriac writer of the late 12th or early 13th century. He belonged to the monastery of Beth Qoqa in Adiabene, and was one of the most learned East Syriac writers of his time.

He wrote metrical homilies, partly in seven syllable, partly in twelve-syllable verse, on the chief points of the Nestorian faith. One of these is mentioned by Assemani, Bibliotheca Orientalis, iii. 1, 309, note 1; and has been translated by G.P.Badger in The Nestorians and their rituals. John bar Zo'bi is better known as a grammarian, however, and is one of the last writers of Syriac.

Very few of his works have been edited. These include:

  • A verse commentary on baptism and the eucharist
  • Various works on grammar and philosophy, in both prose and verse



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