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JOHN OF DARA: Jacobite bishop of Dara, in Mesopotamia, in the first half of the ninth century. He was a contemporary of Dionysius of Telmera (d. 845), who dedicated to him his great chronicle. Four of his works are known: (1) "On the Resurrection of the Bodies," in four books: (2) "On the Heavenly and Ecclesiastical Hierarchy," two books, based on the pseudo-Dionysius Areopagita (cf. Frothingham, Stephen bar Sudaili, Leyden, 1886, p. 66): (3) "On the Priesthood," four books (fragments in Overbeck, Opera Ephraemi Syri, Oxford, 1865, pp. 409-413, and Monumenta Syriaca, i., Innsbruck, 1889, pp. 105-110; of . notice by Zingerle in TQ, 1867-68); (4) a book on the soul (extracts in Codex Vaticanus Syriacus 147). There is also an anaphora.


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Iwannis (Monophysite) Bishop Metropolitan of Dara, (or John of Dara). Iwannis wrote (amongst other things) four books on the Priesthood. In these particular books, he quotes a large amount of Gospel text taken from an Old Syriac, gospel including variants not found in the Sinaitic or Curetonian manuscripts.


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