Joshua the Stylite

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  • Chronique de Josue le Stylite, ecrite vers l'an 515. Texte et traduction par Paulin Martin. In series: Abhandlungen des Deutschen Palastina-Vereins 6.1. Leipzig : Brockhaus (1876) Syriac text and French translation.
  • The chronicle of Joshua the stylite : composed in Syriac A.D. 507. with a translation into English and notes by W. Wright. Cambridge University Press (1882) Reprints also exist. Improved Syriac text and English translation.
  • Die syrische Chronik des Josua Stylites / von Andreas Luther. In series: Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte, 49. Berlin/New York: Walter de Gruyter (1997) ISBN 3110154706. German translation.
  • The chronicle of Pseudo-Joshua the Stylite. Translated with notes and introduction by Frank R. Trombley and John W. Watt. Liverpool University Press (2000). ISBN 0853235856. English translation.