Ps.George of Arbela

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The anonymous author known as ps.George of Arbela was an East Syriac writer, probably of the 9th century.[1]

The name and date of the author of an extensive and important commentary on the East Syrian liturgical rites LT are unknown. But he is certainly writing after the 7th century writer Abraham bar Lipeh, whom he quotes, and after Isho`dad III's liturgical reforms. On the other hand he cannot be the 10th century George, metropolitan of Mosul and Arbela, as Assemani thought.

The work is divided into seven books. These cover:

  1. the liturgical year
  2. various liturgical practices (e.g. division of the Psalter, use of Our Father in different services, on the `onyata).
  3. on Lilya, on provisions for specific parts of the liturgical year
  4. on the (eucharistic) mysteries
  5. on baptism
  6. on the place of Quddash `idta (consecration of churches) at the beginning of the liturgical year and on various other liturgical practices.
  7. on funeral and marriage rites.


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