Shem'on the graceful

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Shem`on the Graceful, also known as Shem`on d-Taybutheh, was an East Syriac writer of the late 7th century AD.[1]


He first became famous as a medical doctor during the time of the Catholicos Hnanisho` (680-700). Then he became a monk, and a disciple of Rabban Shabur.


A number of short writings survive, which have been translated into Italian. There are also extracts available in English translation. Among the topics that he covers are:

  • the withdrawal of grace as a result of error
  • the three noetic altars according to the teaching of the Fathers
  • the faculties of the inner person and how they work
  • different kinds of prayer
  • the structure of the heart and its workings (containing a physical description as well)

He may be the author of the Book of Grace ascribed to Isaac the Syrian.


  • Shem`on d-Taybutheh (selections): A. Mingana, Early Christian Mystics (1934).
  • Italian translation by P. Bettiolo (1992)


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