Simeon the Potter

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  • Sebastian Brock, Bride of Light: Hymns on Mary from the Syriac Churches (1994; viii + 171pp). This volume contains a short introduction followed by the English translation of 47 hymns (40 madrashe, 4 soghyatha or dialogue poems, and 3 memre) on Mary. Most are anonymous texts from the fifth or sixth centuries, but 5 are attributed to St. Ephrem and 9 to Simeon the Potter.
  • Sebastian Euringer, Die neun "Töpferlieder" (i.e. Kukayatha) des Simeon von Gesir, Nach Cod. Syr. Add. 14520 des britischen Museums ediert und übersetzt, Oriens Christianus 2,3, Leipzig 1913 (ND New York 1964), 221-235.