The Chronicle of Dionysius of Tel-Mahre

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The Chronicle of pseudo-Dionysius of Tell-Mahre is an extensive world chronicle written by an unknown West Syriac monk at the monastery of Zuqnin near Amid around 776 AD. It is also known as the Chronicle of Zuqnin.[1]

The work is in four parts. The earlier parts of the work draw on many different sources. For the biblical period the author uses the Syriac translation of the Chronicle of Eusebius, and a legend about the origins of the Magi.

For the years 495-507, a local chronicle from Edessa, usually known today as the Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite is incorporated wholesale. For the sixth century, much of the text is based closely on the lost second part of John of Ephesus' Ecclesiastical History. For the 8th century the author draws on his own knowledge and experience of events.


The four parts were published in two volumes.

  • Latin translation of vol. 1 by J. B. Chabot, CSCO Syr. 43, 66 (1927, 1949).
  • French translation of vol. 2 [=CSCO Syr. 53, 1933] by R. Hespel, CSCO Syr. 213 (1989)
  • English translation of vol. 1, 235-317 (= 'Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite') see Joshua the Stylite.
  • English translation of vol. 2, 2-145, W. Witakowski (1996).
  • French translation of vol. 2, 145-376, J.B.Chabot (1895)
  • English translation of vol. 2 (complete) by Amir Harrak.


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