The Odes of Solomon

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This work is a collection of 42 short lyric poems, which survive in an almost complete form in Syriac. One is also preserved in Greek, and five in Coptic. The poems do not conform to any known Syriac verse form, however.

The date, place of origin, and original language are all uncertain. Some scholars see them as 1st century and link them to the works of S. John; others in the mid-late 2nd century, and others still as reacting to Manichaeism in the late 3rd century, since Mani was executed in 276. The original language was probably either Greek or Syriac, although Hebrew and some other Aramaic dialect have all been suggested.

The text is highly allusive, which makes its intended audience very uncertain. Many of them celebrate the freedom of the baptised Christian in Christ.


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