Thomas of Marga

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Author of the Monastic History.


  • E. A. Wallis Budge, The Book of Governors: The Historia Monastica of Thomas Bishop of Margâ A. D. 840 (2 vols.; London: Kegan Paul, 1893), 1:3-409


  • Description of Ms. Vaticanus Syriacus 165 "4o paper codex containing 328 folios, dating to 1663 and written in East Syrian script. Formerly ms. 13 in the Scandar Collection, which was brought from the East by the Maronite Andrew Scandar (professor of Arabic at Rome's Sapienza) for Pope Innocent XIII (1721-24). This manuscript contains the Monastic History of Thomas of Marga (fl. mid 9th C)." Ms. is available on CDROM.