Timothy II

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Timothy II was first the East Syriac/Nestorian Metropolitan of Mosul and, from 1318, Catholicos in succession to Yahballaha. He died in 1353.

His surviving work is entitled, On the ecclesiastical mysteries, in seven parts:

  1. On priesthood
  2. On the consecration of a church
  3. On baptism. An English translation of this exists.
  4. On the eucharist.
  5. On monastic profession.
  6. On funeral rites.
  7. On betrothal and marriage rites.


  • P.B.(Paul Blaize) Kadicheeni, The mystery of baptism : the text and translation of the chapter "On Holy baptism" from the causes of the seven mysteries of the Church of Timothy II, Nestorian patriarch (1318-1332). Bangalore:Dharmaram Publications (1980) Syriac text and English translation.