Timothy II

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Timothy II was first the East Syriac/Nestorian Metropolitan of Mosul and, from 1318, Catholicos in succession to Yahballaha. He died in 1353.

His surviving work is entitled, On the ecclesiastical mysteries, in seven parts:

  1. On priesthood
  2. On the consecration of a church
  3. On baptism. An English translation of this exists.
  4. On the eucharist.
  5. On monastic profession.
  6. On funeral rites.
  7. On betrothal and marriage rites.


  • P.B.(Paul Blaize) Kadicheeni, The mystery of baptism : the text and translation of the chapter "On Holy baptism" from the causes of the seven mysteries of the Church of Timothy II, Nestorian patriarch (1318-1332). Bangalore:Dharmaram Publications (1980) Syriac text and English translation.


  • Vatican Syriac Ms. 151 Available on CD. The manuscript contains the treatise on the Ecclesiastical Mysteries by the East Syriac Catholicos Timothy II. 8o paper codex containing 154 folios, written in a clear sparsely vocalized East Syriac hand, dated to 1613. Formerly ms. 16 of the Propaganda Fidei Collection, which was transferred to the Vatican Library in 1723.