CIMRM 11 - Terracotta plaque, Panticapaeum, Crimea

This is the first of the five Kerch terracottas, of which only two are listed in the CIMRM.

See also E. Will, , p.531 n.15: "The Mithra-Attis of Panticapaeum (cf. Blavatsky-Kochelenko, "Culte de Mithra sur la côte sept. de la mere Noire" (EPRO 8), p.14, fig.) represents neither Mithra nor Attis (it is of Eros in an oriental costume, cf. "Relief culturel", p.203, n.1) and whose hellenistic date is by no means certain. - The cult of the mysteries penetrated the Crimea, like others, in the imperial period, cf. the monuments of Ai-Todor, l.c., p. 22, fig. 11a and b.

CIMRM entry

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