Catalogue of monuments and images of Mithras

Anyone who searches online for images of Mithras will find an ever-changing treasure-trove of high-resolution colour images and photographs. Often these are better than anything in the literature. But the images are usually taken by people who have no idea which monument it is, and give the reader no clue as to where more information might be found. Likewise researchers may not be able to find an image of a find, even though one is actually available, because it is incorrectly labelled. Sometimes images of unpublished material appear, perhaps in a news story, only to disappear again a year or two later.

The purpose of this page is to solve this problem. Researchers looking for images of monuments can quickly find them. Likewise someone looking at some image online can skim through the thumbnails here, identify which monument it is, and then click through to details and reference literature. For this reason more than one image is sometimes given, linked to the same data page. Images are held locally, because offsite images tend to disappear.

There is a separate page with a gallery of line-drawings from Vermaseren's "Mithras: the secret god", because these appear very widely online and indeed in the literature, but often unreferenced.

Information is currently held about the following images and inscriptions:

Number of entries: 506

Supplementary items

Number of entries: 191
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