CIMRM 362 - 1st century inscription. SS. Pietro and Marcellino, Rome.

Richard Gordon mentions this monument, and gives it the references CIMRM 362 a , b = CIL VI 732 = Moretti, lGUR I 179.1

"Soli | Invicto Mithrae | T . Flavius Aug. lib. Hyginus | Ephebianus | d . d."

The inscription is bilingual, and the title in the Greek side is just "`Hliwi Mithrai".

On p.152 Gordon writes that the name "Flavius" for an imperial freedman dates it between 70-136 AD. The Greek section refers to a pater of the cult named Lollius Rufus, evidence of the existence of the rank system at this early date.

CIMRM entry

1Richard Gordon, "The date and significance of CIMRM 593 (British Museum, Townley Collection)", Journal of Mithraic Studies 2, 1978, p.148-174. Online here. p.151.

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