CIMRM 420 - Two monuments to Vettius Agorius Praetextatus, Pater Patrum. Rome

CIMRM 420. The "large marble base" (CIL VI 1778). From: BBAW CIL databank. By A. Faßbender.

The "altar" or "tombstone" (CIL VI 1779) From: Capitoline Museum, Rome. Inv. MC0208. 125cm high.

The "altar" or "tombstone" (CIL VI 1779) From: BBAW (with transcription and German translation).

The "large marble base" (CIL VI 1778).

This is stated by Vermaseren to be in the gardens of the Villa Mattei (Villa Celimontana) on the Caelian hill in Rome.

Transcription (from Clauss-Slaby database):

Similar titles to the second monument, but listed as "pater sacrorum" rather than "pater patrum". This monument is dated to 387 A.D.

The "altar" or "tombstone" (CIL VI 1779).

Transcription (from Clauss-Slaby database):

A long epitaph. English translation of the epitaph here. My own translation of the opening list of titles:

Note that other inscriptions mentioning Vettius Agorius Praetextatus may be found in the Clauss-Slaby database, and a further monument may be found at Lacus Curtius here.

CIMRM entry

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