CIMRM 76 - Tauroctony statuette, Sidon. In the Louvre.



From: here. By Y. Caradec.

From: Wikimedia Commons.

CIMRM entry


[I,] Fl. Gerontios, pater nominos of the rites of initiation of the god, in thanks I have consecrated [this statue] in the year 500.

(J. Humphrey, Excavations at Carthage, vol. 6, p.145 states:'E.Will, "La date du Mithraeum de Sidon," Syria 27 (1950) 261-69, firmly establishes that the year 500 of Sidon mentioned in the three Mithraeum inscriptions of Fl. Gerontios is based on the local calendar of the city ...'.

The "year 500" is uncertain. If it is the 500th year of the Seleucid Era (AS), then 500 AS = 188 A.D. If it is following a local Sidon year-table, it is 398 A.D.1

Another monument from the Sidon Mithraeum also has a similar dated inscription, CIMRM 78-79.

1See also CIMRM 78. C.f. E. Will, "La date du Mithraeum de Sidon," Syria 27 (1950) 261-69; Le Roy Campbell in Berytus XI, 1954.26 n.1.

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