CIMRM 829 - Possible Mithraeum, Colchester, Britain

See also Relief fragment.

Vermaseren lists this as a Mithraeum, based on Hull's paper; but R. G. Collingwood considers that it is in fact a water tank.1

CIMRM entry

1R.G.Collingwood, The archaeology of Roman Britain, p.145, n.1: "The building at Colchester described as a Mithraeum in the Illustrated London News, May 24, 1930, is in the present writer's opinion a water-tank."
2Hull, M R 1958 Roman Colchester, RRCSAL, 20.
3Crummy, P 1980 'The temples of Roman Colchester', in Temples, churches and religion: recent research in Roman Britain, ed by W Rodwell, BAR, British Series, 77, 243-83

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