CIMRM 829 - Possible Mithraeum, Colchester, Britain

Vermaseren lists this as a Mithraeum, based on Hull's paper; but R. G. Collingwood considers that it is in fact a water tank.1

From CIMRM, Fig. 222.

From An archaeological evaluation at the Central Clinic, High Street, Colchester, Essex May 2006. Prepared by Howard Brooks. This is Fig.1 of the report, indicating the location of the monument:

CIMRM entry

1R.G.Collingwood, The archaeology of Roman Britain, p.145, n.1: "The building at Colchester described as a Mithraeum in the Illustrated London News, May 24, 1930, is in the present writer's opinion a water-tank."
2Hull, M R 1958 Roman Colchester, RRCSAL, 20.
3Crummy, P 1980 'The temples of Roman Colchester', in Temples, churches and religion: recent research in Roman Britain, ed by W Rodwell, BAR, British Series, 77, 243-83

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