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Just bits and pieces happening at the moment.

So, you want to learn Coptic? arrived from very quickly indeed.  I’ve had it a couple of days, and it’s very easy reading indeed.  I do need to actually memorise the ‘extra’ Coptic letters, tho, I find.

I saw a facebook post in which someone referred to the “hunger for languages”.  I feel this too.  But Google translate will help us all, in a way hard to imagine even ten years ago.

I took a look at the Eusebius PDF again last night.  Reading So you want to learn Coptic has clarified a lot about the djinkim (=grave accent).  I’m in the daft position that the first couple of fragments seem to have been transcribed exactly.  Then the remainder were adjusted to use the djinkim.  Finally the new fragment I did myself was exact transcription.  This will have to be normalised.  Since I don’t know which words should have what, I think I will have to go with the original use of dots above words.  Unfortunately it means comparing every fragment with the original.  I’ll do this as soon as I can, and finish the book then.

Today I’ve been looking again at QuickGreek.  I’ve added code to catch unexpected exceptions — just makes it a little more professional.  I’ve also started creating a way to add extra words.  When I was looking at the Calendar of Antiochus of Athens, the names of stars were not being recognised, and I would like to add these.

One problem I had with entries in the calendar was whether a particular word, applied to a star setting or rising meant “at dawn” or “in the morning”.  There is clearly a need for a specialised glossary.

The days are very short now, and I feel a tremendous lethargy.  What I need is sunshine!

I don’t know that I shall blog on Christmas day this year, as I may be otherwise engaged.  Boxing day is Sunday, so no computer use then.  I’ll get to these things on Monday.


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