Philip of Side

Last weekend I located a copy of Henry Dodwell’s Dissertationes in Irenaeum (1689) which apparently contains the only publication of some bits of Philip of Side’s lost 5th century Ecclesiastical History, with a Latin translation and commentary. This reproduces a bit of Codex Bodl. Barrocianus 142 (14-15th century), which the Bodleian catalogue reveals to contain various church history texts, complete or excerpted. This bit is a list of leaders of the school at Alexandria, beginning with Athenagoras (writing “before Celsus”) down to Philip’s own time. The excerptor isn’t very accurate in what he says about Eusebius, so probably is no better on Philip. De Boor apparently published other fragments in TU, but I was unable to get these.

I learn also from Bruce Lincoln, Thomas-Gospel and Thomas-Community: A new approach to a familiar text. Novum Testamentum 19.1 (1977) p.69 n. 15 that the Coptic Gospel of “Thomas is mentioned by Hippolytus, Origen, Eusebius, Cyril of Jerusalem and Philip Sidetes.” (Although this may not be coptic Thomas, except in Hippolytus), but no ref. for Philip is given. It would be nice to collect all the Philip material.

I did consider getting a photograph of folio 216 recto and verso from the Bodleian, but the urge went away after I found that each photograph would cost $30, and was hedged round with further legally-dubious demands for money if anyone else saw it.


Finding the Patrologia Graeca at Google Books

To locate the volumes of the Patrologia Graeca on Google books, use the search “cursus completus series” (without the quotes). To get volumes of the Patrologia Latina as well, leave out the term ‘series’. NB: It is important to specify “full view”, otherwise nothing much comes back. I’ve today seen what seem like dozens of volumes of the PG. I’m not sure whether these are visible to US readers (I’m accessing the site via a multinational’s WAN which makes me look as if I’m in the US), but I’ll add a note if this is a problem.

I find that the online displayed copies often seem to be missing pages; but the PDF available for download for them all does not.