Patrologia Graeca (PG) PDF’s

[Originally compiled by Rod Letchford]
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This page contains a list of links to volumes of the Patrologia Graeca (Patrologiae Cursus Completus. Series Graeca) available online in PDF form. They all lead to downloadable PDFs – at least from where I live (Australia). If they don’t work for you, try accessing them via an anonymous proxy server.

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1. Clemens Romanus; 2 letters, 2 letters to virgins, apostolic constitutions, recognitions.

2.  Ps.Clemens Romanus; 20 homilies &c; Barnabas; Hermas; Diognetus, Testament of the 12 patriarchs; Martyrdom of Andrew and other fragments.

3.  Dionysius the Areopagite v.1.

4.  Dionysius the Areopagite v.2: scholia of Maximus on Dionysius, various Lives of ps.Dionysius.
5.  Ignatius, Polycarp, Popes of 2nd c., Melito, others.
6.  Justin, Tatian, Athenagoras, Theophilus, Hermias.

7.  Irenaeus.
7 (part 1 only)
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8.  Clement of Alexandria, v.1; Cohortatio, Paedagogus, Stromata.

9.  Clement of Alexandria, v.2; Stromata, Quis dives, Excerpta, Eclogae, old scholia, diss. by Le Nourry.

10.  Popes of 4th c.; Gregory Thaumaturgus; Hippolytus; Dionysius of Alexandria; Julius Africanus; others.

11.  Origen v.1; Letters, De Principiis, De oratione, Exhortatio ad martyrum, Contra Celsum 1-8.

12.  Origen v.2; Old Testament commentaries (Gen.-Psalms).

13.  Origen v.3; OT (contd); Commentaries on Matthew and Luke.

14.  Origen v.4; John, Acts, Romans, Rufinus on Romans, Fragments, Philocalia.

15.  Origen v.5; Hexapla.

16/1.  Origen v.6.1; Hexapla (contd).

16/2.  Origen v.6.2; Hexapla (contd) on Proverbs-Jeremiah.

16/3.  Origen v.6.3; Hexapla (contd); Hippolytus, Philosophumena.

17.  Origen v.7; Supplements to Exegetica.  Spuria: commentary on Job.  Materials on Origen: Apology for Origen by Pamphilus; Rufinus on the adulteration of Origen’s works; Huet’s Origeniana &c.

18.  Methodius; Alexander of Lycopolis, Anti-manichaean; Peter of Alexandria; Alexander of Alexandria; Eustathius of Antioch; Theodore of Heraclea; Titus of Bostra, 3 books against the Manichaeans.

19.  Eusebius v.1; Chronicon.

20.  Eusebius v.2; Historia Ecclesiastica, Vita Constantini &c, Martyrs of Palestine &c, letters.

21.  Eusebius v.3; Praeparatio Evangelica.

22.  Eusebius v.4; Demonstratio Evangelica, Adv. Hieroclem, De nominis hebraicis, Quaestiones Evangelicae, Eclogae Propheticae, Fragments, Canons.

23.  Eusebius v.5; Commentary on the Psalms.

24.  Eusebius v.6; Commentary on the Psalms (contd), Commentary on Isaiah, Commentary on Luke, Exegetical fragments, Theophania, De solemnitate paschalis, Contra Marcellum, Ecclesiastical theology, 12 opuscula.

25.  Athanasius v.1.

26.  Athanasius v.2.
27.  Athanasius v.3, Exegetical works.

28.  Athanasius v.4;Dubia & spuria.
29.  Basil v.1; Homilies on the Hexameron; on the Psalms; 5 books against Eunomius.

30.  Basil v.2; 3 orations, homilies on the Psalms, Commentary on Isaiah, De Virginitate, &c.  Eunomius, Apology.
31.  Basil v.3; Homilies, Sermons, Ascetica, Moralia, rules; also dubia and liturgies.
32.  Basil v.4; De Spiritu Sancto; Letters.  Appendix: Simon Logothetes, 24 sermons excerpted from Basil.

33.  Cyril of Jerusalem, Catecheses &c; Peter of Alexandria, Letter; Timothy of Alexandria, Responsa; Apollinaris of Laodicea, Commentary on the Psalms; Isaac the Jew; Diodorus of Tarsus.
34.  Macarius the Egyptian; Macarius of Alexandria, Apophthegms &c; Palladius, Lausiac History.
35.  Gregory Nazianzen v.1; Orations 1-26.
36.  Gregory Nazianzen v.2; Orations 27-45, On Ezechiel, Ecclesiastes, De fide orthodoxa, Contra Astronomos, liturgy, Prologue of Rufinus to his works; Elias of Crete, Commentary on orations of Gregory; Nicetas of Serrae, on orations of Gregory, scholia on orations against Julian.
37.  Gregory Nazianzen v.3; Letters, Testament, Poems.  Index of subjects.

38.  Gregory Nazianzen, v.4; Poems (contd), Epitaphs, Epigrams, Tragedy: Christus Patiens.  Cosmas of Jerusalem &c, commentaries on Gregory’s works.  Caesarius, brother of Gregory; 4 dialogues.  Full indexes.

39.  Didymus the Blind; Amphilochius of Iconium, orations; Nectarius, sermon.

40.  Philo Carpasius, Ennaratio on the Song of Songs; Asterius of Amasea, homilies; Nemesius, on the nature of man; Hieronymus Graecus, on the Trinity between Jews and Christians, de effectu baptismi et notis Christiani; Orsiesius; Serapion; Pachomius; Antony the Great; Theodorus Abbas; Serapio and Paphnutius; Isias Abbas; Evagrius Ponticus; overflow from Macarius.

41.  Epiphanius v.1; Panarion.

42.  Epiphanius v.2; Panarion (contd), Expositio fidei, Anacephalaeosis; Appendix: dissertations.

43.  Epiphanius v.3; Various works, dubia.  Nonnus of Panopolis; Paraphrasis, Dionysiaca, Collectio from Gregory Nazianzen.

44.  Gregory of Nyssa v.1; Exegetica.

45.  Gregory of Nyssa v.2; Dogmatica.

46.  Gregory of Nyssa v.3; Dogmatica (contd), Ascetica, Orationes, dubia.

47.  Chrysostom v.1.1; Prefatory remarks, by Montfaucon &c, vita by Palladius, other Theodorum lapsum; against enemies of the monastic life; comparatio; De compunctione; to Stagirus vexed by a demon; subintroductas.

48.  Chrysostom v.1.2; De virginitate; Ad viduam juniorem; De sacerdotio; When he was ordained; On the incomprehensible nature of God; Contra Judaeos et Gentiles; 8 adversus Judaeos; de anathemate; in kalendas; de Lazaro; Spuria; notes.

49.  Chrysostom v.2.1; 21 homilies on the statues; 2 catecheses; 3 on the idiocy of the devil; 9 on penitence; feast-day sermons.

50.  Chrysostom v.2.2; feast-day sermons (contd); dubia and spuria; notes by Henry Saville &c. Index Rerum.

51. Chrysostom v.3.1; 25 homilies on NT passages.

52. Chrysostom v.3.2; 15 works from Constantinople, Letters, spuria; notes by Henry Savile &c; Index.

53. Chrysostom v.4.1; Homilies on Genesis.

54. Chrysostom v.4.2; Homilies on Genesis (contd), 9 sermons on Genesis, 5 sermons on Anna, 3 homilies on David and Saul, notes.

55. Chrysostom v.5; Expositio in psalmos, Dubia in ps. 50, Spuria in psalmos.

56. Chrysostom v.6; various OT homilies, contra ludos et theatra, in natalem Christi diem, other works; Severian of Gaballa, 6 sermons on the creation, on the serpent.

57. Chrysostom v.7.1; 90 Homilies on Matthew.

58. Chrysostom v.7.2; Homilies contd; fragments.

59. Chrysostom v.8: 88 homilies on John; spuria.

60. Chrysostom v.9; Homilies on Acts, Romans, Spuria.

61. Chrysostom v.10; Homilies on Corinthians, Galatians; spuria.

62. Chrysostom v.11; Ephesians, Col., Thess., Tim., Tit., Phil., spuria.

63. Chrysostom v.12; Hebrews, other sermons; Severian of Gaballa, de sigillis.

64. Chrysostom v.13 and last; homilies, extra material, catalogues of his works, extra homilies not in the Benedictine edition. Meletius Monachus; fragments. Index to Chrysostom volumes.

65.  Severian of Gabala; Theophilus of Alexandria; Palladius, Lausiac History; Philostorgius, HE; Atticus, Epistolae; Proclus, Orationes, Homiliae, Sermones; Flavian; Mark the Hermit; Marcus Diadochus; Mark the Deacon, Vita Porphyrii Gazaensis.

66.  Theodore of Mopsuestia, Commentary on the 12 minor prophets, Fragments on Genesis, Expositio in Psalmos / Iob / Canticum canticorum, Commentaries on the NT, Dogmatic fragments; Synesius; Arsenius, Doctrina et exhortatio, Apophthegms, Ad nomicum tentorum.

67.  Socrates, Historia Ecclesiastica; Sozomen, Historia Ecclesiastica.

68. Cyril of Alexandria, v.1: De adoratione in spiritu et veritate libri xvii.

69.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.2: Glaphyra, Explanatio in psalmos, fragments on Kings, other OT.

70.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.3: Commentary on Isaiah, Fragments on Jeremiah, Baruch and Daniel.

71.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.4: Commentaries on: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Jonah, Abdiah, Micaiah, Nahum, Habakuk, Haggai, etc.

72.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.5: Commentaries on 12 minor prophets contdCommentary on Matthew (fragments), Commentary on Luke.

73.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.6: Commentary on John.

74.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.7: Commentary on John (contd), Fragments on Acts, Commentaries and fragments on other NT letters.

75.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.8:  Thesaurus, De Trinitate &c, De incarnatione unigeniti, Quod unus sit Christus, etc.

76.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.9: Adversus Nestorium, &c., Apologeticus pro XII capitibus / contra Theodoretum /  ad imperatorem, Contra Julianum libri X, Adversus anthropomorphitas, De recte fide &c.

77.  Cyril of Alexandria, v.10: Epistolae, Homiliae, dubia;  Theodotus of Ancyra; Paul of Emesa; Acacius of Beroea; John of Antioch; Memnon of Ephesus; Acacius of Melitene; Rabula of Edessa; Firmus of Caesarea; Amphilochius of Side.

78.  Isidore of Pelusium, Epistolae; Zosimus Abbas.

79.  Nilus Abbas, works on monasticism; Hyperechius.
80.  Theodoret v.1: Quaestiones on OT books, Interpretatio in psalmos.

81.  Theodoret v.2: Explanatio‘s on Song of Songs / Isaiah / Jeremiah / Ezekiel / Daniel / 12 minor prophets.

82.  Theodoret v.3: Commentary on Paul’s letters, Historia Ecclesiastica, Historia Religiosa, Oratio de caritate. Valesius’ notes on the HE.
83.  Theodoret v.4: Eranistes, demonstrations, Compendium haereticarum fabularum, De providentia, Curatio affectionum graecarum, libellus contra Nestorium, 27 books against various propositions, De Trinitate, Epistolae. Reprehensio of Cyril’s 12 anathemas, index.

84.  Theodoret v.5: various dissertations on Theodoret by John Garner.

85.  Basil of Seleucia; Gelasius of Cyzicus, History of the council of Nicaea; Zacharias of Mitylene, Disputatio de mundi opificio, Contra Manichaeos, historical fragments; Euthalius the Deacon; John Carpathius; Eudocia the empress; Aeneas of Gaza; Theotimus Junior; Ammonius presbyter of Alexandria; Andreas Samosatensis; Gennadius the patriarch; Quintianus; Candidus Isaurus; Antipater Bostrensis; Dalmatius the monk; Timotheus of Beirut; Eustathius of Beirut; anonymous historical fragments.
86/1.  Leontius of Byzantium v.1; Justinian the emperor; many others.
86/2.  Leontius of Byzantium v2, Contra fraudes Apollinistarum, others;  Ephraim of Antioch, fragments; Paul the Silentiary, Description of Hagia Sophia; Eutychius of Constantinople; Evagrius Scholasticus, Historia Ecclesiastica; Simeon Junior; Zacharias of Jerusalem, Letter after the Persian attack; Modestus of Jerusalem; Job the Monk; Erechtius of Antioch in Persia; Peter of Laodicea.

87/1.  Procopius of Gaza v.1, OT commentaries.

87/2.  Procopius of Gaza v.2, more OT commentaries.

87/3.  Procopius of Gaza v.3: Panegyric on Anastasius, description of Hagia Sophia, Monody on its collapse in an earthquake; John Moschus; Sophronius of Jerusalem; Alexander the monk.
88.  Cosmas Indicopleustes, Christian Topography; Constantine the Deacon, Laudatio omnium martyrum, Disputatio cum Photino Manichaeo; John Climacus, The Ladder, Liber ad pastorem; Agathias Myrinaeus, Historiarum lib. V; Dorotheus the Archimandrite; Gregory of Antioch; John Jejunator.
89.  Anastasius the Sinaite;  Anastasius I of Antioch; Anastasius Abbas; Antiochus of Saba.

90.  Maximus the Confessor v.1.
91.  Maximus the Confessor v.2; Thalassius Abbas, De caritate, Libellus ad Theodosium imperatorem; Theodorus Raithuensis Abbas.

92.  Chronicon Pascale (from the creation to year 20 of Heraclius); George of Pisidia, On Heraclius’ Persian expedition, On the Avar wars, &c.  (damaged) (damaged)

93.  Hesychius of Jerusalem, Biblical commentaries; Olympiodorus of Alexandria, Commentaries on OT, Luke; Leontius Neapoleos in Cypro.

94.  John Damascene v.1: Dialectica, De Haeresibus, Expositio Fidei Orthodoxa, Pro sacris imaginibus, De recta sententia, Contra Jacobitas, Contra Manichaeos, Disputatio Christiani et Saraceni, De draconibus fragmentum.

95.  John Damascene v.2: (various), Sacra Parallela.
96.  John Damascene v.3: Sacra Parallela (contd), Homiliae, Precationes, Carmina, Vita Barlaam et Joasaph, S. Artemii Passio, Disputatio cum Manichaeo, Disputatio Saraceni cum Christiano, Adversus Iconoclastes, Hymni, fragmentum in Matthaeum; John of Constantinople; John of Nicaea, De Nativitate Domini; John of Euboea.

97.  John Malalas, Chronographia; Andrew of Crete, 21 homilies, De imaginibus, Computus paschalis, Canones, Idiomela, Iambi ad Agathonem; Theodorus Abucara, Ascetica.

98.  Germanus of Constantinople; Cosmas of Jerusalem, Hymns, Scholia in Gregorii Nazianzeni carmina; Gregory II of Agrigento; Anonymus Becuccianus; Pantaleon the deacon; Adrian the Monk; Epiphanius Catanensis; Pachomius the Monk, On the usefulness of divine scripture, De cartanitas haereticis; Philotheus the Monk; Tarasius the Archbishop, Apologeticus ad populum, Letters, Oratio in SS. Deiparae.

99.  Theodore the Studite, Adversus Iconomachos, Orationes, Epistolarum libri II, etc.
100.  Nicephorus of Constantinople, Breviarium historicum, Chronographia brevis, etc.; Stephanus Diaconus; Procopius Diaconus; Gregorius Decapolita, Sermo historicus on a vision of a Moslem who converted to Christ; Christophorus of Alexandria; Methodius of Constantinople; Gregory of Nicomedia, Orationes, Idiomela.

101.  Photius v.1: Exegetica: Quaestiones Amphilochiana, Commentary on NT.

102.  Photius v.2: Dogmatica: Contra Manichaeos lib. IV, De spiritus sancti, Homiliae, Carmina, Epistolarum lib. III.

103.  Photius v.3: Bibliotheca.

104.  Photius v.4: Bibliotheca (contd), Syntagma Canonum, Nomocanon, Interrogationes; Peter Siculus, Historia Manichaeorum, 3 sermons against Manichaeans; Peter of Argos; Bartholomew of Edessa, Elenchus et confutatio Agareni, Contra Muhammed.
105.  Nicetas David Paphlago; Nicetas Byzantinus, Refutatio epistolae regis Armeniae, Confutatio dogmatum Mahomedis; Theognostus the monk; Anonymus, Life of S. Nicolas the Studite; Josephus Hymnographicus.
106.  Josephus Christianus; Nicephorus Philosophus; Andrew of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Commentarius in Apocalypsin; Arethas his successor; Joannes Geometra; Cosmas Vestitor; Leo Patricius; Athanasius of Corinth; (Greek works of unknown age).

107.  Leo the Emperor: Theologica: 19 homilies and panegyrics, Letter to Omar, king of the Saracens, others, Juridical and canonical works — and  Poems, Apologia, Epigrams, Tactica sive de re militaria, oracula.

108.  Theophanes, Chronographia; Vita Leonis Armenii; Leo Grammaticus, Chronographia; Anastasius Bibliothecarius, Historia Ecclesiastica ex Theophane.

109.  Historical works: 4 books of continuation of Theophanes; Constantine Porphyrogenitus, De vita et rebus avi sui Basilii Macedonis; 2 books on the lives of the emperors Leo, Alexander, and Romanus; Dissertatio steliteutica contra iconomachos (7th century); John of Jerusalem, Narratio de origine motuum iconoclastarum; John Cameniates, Narratio de excidio Thessalonicae; Gregory the monk, ex vita Basil Junioris; Symeon Magister et Logothetes, Annales a Leo Armenio ad Nicephorum Phocam; George the monk, Lives of the recent emperors;  Josephus Genesius, History of Constantinople.
110.  George Hamartolus / George the Monk, Chronicum breve.

111.  Nicholas of Constantinople; Anon., Fragmentum historicum; Basil Neopatrensis; Basil the Less, Gregory of Caesarea; Josephus Genesius; Leo Grammaticus; Moses bar Cepha, De paradiso; Theodorus Daphnopata; Nicephorus Presbyter CP.; Eutychius of Alexandria, Annals; George the Monk.
112.  Constantine Porphyrogenitus v.1: De ceremoniis.

113.  Constantine Porphyrogenitus v.2: De thematibus, Hieroclis Gramatici Synecdemus, De administrando imperio, Vita Basilii Macedonis, &c.; Anon., Acta S. Nicon in Creta; Theodosius Diaconus, De expugnatione Cretae, &c.

114.  Simon Metaphrastes v.1. Orations, letters, &c., Vita Sanctorum.

115.  Simon Metaphrastes v.2. Vita Sanctorum (contd.) Mar-Oct.

116.  Simon Metaphrastes v.3.  Vita Sanctorum (contd.) Nov-Dec., supplements.
117.  Basil Porphyrogenitus, Menologium, Constitutiones; Leo the Deacon, History in 10 books; Anon., De velitatione bellica Nicephori aug., Excerpta ex historiis Arabum de expeditionibus Syriacis Nicephori Phocae; Hippolytus Thebanus; Georgides Monachus, Gnomologium; Ignatius Diaconus; Nilus; Christophorus Protoasecretis; Michael Hamartolus; Anon., Versus politici catanuctici; Suidas, 3 indexes.
118.  Oecumenius v.1: Commentary on Acts, Commentary on Paul’s letters, Commentary on the Catholic letters.
119. Oecumenius v.2: Commentary on the NT (contd.), Sententiae synodales.
120.  Anon., Vita S. Nili; Theodorus Iconii; Leo Presbyter; Leo Grammaticus; Epiphanius Monachus; Alexius the patriarch; Demetrius Syncellus; Symeon Junior; Michael Cerularius; Samonas of Gaza, Disceptatio cum Achmed Saraceno; Leo Achridanus; Nicetas Pectoratus; John Xiphilinus, Orations; others.

121.  George Cedrenus v.1: Compendium Historiarum.

122.  George Cedrenus v.2: Compendium Historiarum (contd); John Scylitzes, Breviarium historicum; Michael Psellus, many works.

123.  Theophylact of Bulgaria v.1: Ennaratio in Evangelium Matthaei / Marci / Lucae / Joannis.

124.  Theophylact of Bulgaria v.2: Commentarius in Joannis Evangelium (contd.); Commentary on Paul’s letters.
125.  Theophylact of Bulgaria v.3: Commentary on Paul’s letters (contd); 1 and 2 Peter; alternative versions of commentaries.

126.  Theophylact of Bulgaria v.4: More NT commentaries; Orations, Letters, Commentaries on minor prophets.  Indexes.
127.  Nicephorus Bryennius, 4 books of history to 1081 AD; Constantine Manasses, Compendium chronicum; Nicolaus of Constantinople; Lucas Abbas; Nicon monachus; Anastasius of Caesarea; Nicetas Serronis, Commentary on the orations of Gregory Nazianzen, Epithets of the gods and goddesses, &c; Jacobus Monachus; Philip the solitary; Job Monachus; Peter Chrysolanus; Alexius Comnenus the emperor, Novellae; Irene the empress; Nicetas Seidus.
128.  Euthymius Zigabenus v.1: Commentary on the Psalms.

129.  Euthymius Zigabenus v.2: Commentary on the 4 gospels.
130.  Euthymius Zigabenus v.3: Panoplia dogmatica.

131.  Euthymius Zigabenus v.4: Expositio symboli, Disputatio cum philosopho Saraceno, Contra Massilianos, Contra Phundagiatas seu Bogomilos, In adoratione; Anna Comnena, Alexiad; Index.

132.  Theophanes, Homiliae; Nilus Doxapatrius, Notitia thronorum patriarchalium, ad Rogerium Siciliae regem; John of Antioch; John Comnenus the emperor; Isaac the great of Armenia, Against Armenian heretics &c.
133.  John Cinnamus, Historiarum libri septem; Manuel Comnenus the emperor; Alexius Comnenus the emperor; Andronicus Comnenus, Dialogus contra Judaeos; 12th century descriptions of the holy land; Theodorus Prodromus; other 12th century writers.
134.  John Zonaras v.1: Annales.

135.  John Zonaras v.2: Annales (contd), other works; George Xiphilinus; Isaac Angelus the emperor; Neophytus, De calamitates insulae Cypri imperantibus Latinis; John Chilas; Nicolaus Methonensis; Eustathius of Thessalonica, Orations, funeral oration for Manuel Comnenus &c.

136.  Eustathius of Thessalonica (contd), About the capture of Thessalonica by the Latins, Prologus ad Pindarica, &c; Antonius Melissa, Sententiae ex sacris et profanis auctoribus.

137.  Theodorus Balsamon v.1: Commentaries on the canons of the ecumenical councils.

138.  Theodorus Balsamon v.2: Commentaries (contd), &c.
139.  Isidore of Thessalonica, Sermons; Nicetas Maroneae; John of Citrus; Marcus of Alexandria; Joel Chronographus, Chronologia compendiara; Nicetas Choniates, Historia Byzantina (from John Comnenus to 1204), On ancient statues destroyed by the Franks after the fall of the city, Thesaurus in 14 books (1-5)

140.  Nicetas Choniates (contd); Various, Letter of the Greeks to Innocent III after the fall of Constantinople;

141.  Michael Acominatus; Theodorus of Alania; Manuel Charitopulus; Germanus II; Michael Chumnus; Theodorus Ducas Lascaris; Methodius Monachus; Nicephorus patriarch of Constantinople; Constantinus Acropolita; Arsenius Autorianus; Georgius Acropolita; &c.
142.  Gregory of Cyprus; Athanasius patriarch of Constantinople; Nicephorus Blemmida.
143.  (1313-30): Ephraemius Chronographus, Caesares (Julius Caesar to Michael Paleologus); Theoleptus of Philadelphia; George Pachymeres, History.

144. (1330-32) George Pachymeres (contd), History (contd), &c.; Theodorus Metochita, De lingua graeca Aegypti; Matthaeus Blastares; Index.

145. (1332-5) Nicephorus Callistus v.1; Ecclesiastical History books 1-7, other works.
146. Nicephorus Callistus v.2; Ecclesiastical History books 8-14.

 147. Nicephorus Callistus v.3; Ecclesiastical History books 15-end, sermons and orations;  Callistus & Ignatius Xanthopulus; Callistus patriarch of Constantinople; Callistus Telicoudes; Callistus Cataphugiota; Nicephorus Monachus; Maximus Planudes, various; Index to Nicephorus Callistus.
 148.  Nicephorus Gregoras v.1: Historia Byzantina, books 1-24..
149.  Nicephorus Gregoras v.2: Historia Byzantina, books 25-37, Letters, Scholia on Synesius, &c., dubia, Allocutio ad Andronicum Paleologum; Nilus Cabasilus; Theodorus Meliteniota, Ethica sermonum in Evangelia, Ex libro de astronomia; Georgius Lapitha, 3 Letters to Nicephorus Gregoras, Carmen morale; Anon., Catalogue of books on Patmos, 14th cent..
150. Gregory Palamas v1; Constantine Harmenopulus; Theophanes Nicaenus; others.
151.  Gregory Palamas v2; Gregory Acindynus, Barlaam.
152.  (1335-1372) Manuel Calecas; John Cyparissiota; Matthaeus Catacuzenus; others.
153.  John Cantacuzene v.1: Historia Byzantina in 4 books (events from 1320-1354)
154.  John Cantacuzene v.2: Historia Byzantina (contd), Contra sectam Mahometicam (2 works) &c; Philotheus patriarch of Constantinople; Demetrius Cydonius; Maximus Chrysoberga; Philotheus of Selymbria; John Paleologus, Professio fidei at Rome.
155.  (1430 AD) Simeon of Thessalonica.
156.  (1415-1453)  Manuel Chrysoloras, Letters; John Cananus, History of the seige of Constantinople in 1422; Manuel II Paleologus, Dialogue with a Persian, Letter to Manuel Chrysoloras when he was in England with Henry IV, &c; John Anagnosta, Narratio of the final ruin of Thessalonica; George Phrantza, Chronicon (2 works).
157. (1400-1462)  George Codinus, works about Constantinople, including De sepulchris imperatorem quae sunt in temple SS. Apostolorum; Ducas, Historia Byzantina 1341-1462, Chronicon breve (contd to 1523).
158. (1448-1453)  Michael Glyca, Annals, Letters; Others.
159. (1439-1462) Laonicus Chalcocondyla, History of the Turks; Leonardus Chiensis, Letter to Pope Nicolas V about the fall of Constantinople; Isidore, To the Christian World about the fall of Constantinople; Josephus Methonensis, Works connected to the council of Florence.
160.  (1453) Gennadius or Georgius Scholarius, Letters; George Gemistus Pletho; Matthaeus Camariota; Marcus Eugenicus; Pope Nicolas V, Letter to the last Emperor Constantine about reunion.
161.  (1473)  Cardinal Bessarion, works, letters including the letter giving his library to Venice with a list of books; George Trapezuntius; Constantine Lascaris; Theodorus Gaza; Andronicus Callistus; Constitutions of various emperors.

(There are 161 volumes in all)

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