Errata et supplementa for Eusebius, Gospel Problems and Solutions

This page is to record changes that appeared too late for print, or to add supplementary information, for the new edition of Eusebius, Gospel Problems and Solutions.

Latin section: p.293, para 182, line 6:  for “Peter and John” read “Peter and James”.

Coptic section: p.359, n.12: This note should have been deleted before printing. Carol Downer writes: “I don’t think that nen is a mistake for neu,but an alternative form of the plural definite article. It doesn’t make any real difference to the translation.”

The Latin preface of De Lagarde’s edition was translated into English, in order to assist the translation team that worked on the Coptic.  PDF: 09 00 De_Lagarde-Intro_to_Coptic_Catena.pdf Word: 09 00 De_Lagarde-Intro_to_Coptic_Catena.doc.  Note that the .doc file requires the presence of the unicode Alphabetum font on your PC, in order to view snippets of Coptic.

Table of editions and concordances (p.405-12): The references to the Coptic material were inadvertantly omitted.  This will appear here in due course.


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