CSEL volumes to be typed up and made freely available online

An interesting announcement from the Open Greek and Latin Project, here at Digital Humanities Leipzig.

The Open Greek and Latin Project (OGL) recently signed a contract with Data Entry Company Jouve to OCR and encode Latin works and collections in accordance with the latest TEI EpiDoc standards.

First on the to-do list is the monumental Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) and, in particular, the public domain (by European Law) volumes available here: once digitised and annotated, OGL will make these volumes freely available online for browsing and download. The contract doesn’t stop at CSEL so we’re currently busy at work discussing other items on our to-do list.

We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration!

I think we must all wish them well.

They will need to take precautions about copyright, given how backward German copyright law is.  But there is plenty of CSEL material that is out of copyright even there.  And it might be a nice gesture to talk to the people at the CSEL, and work with them a bit.

Digital Humanities Leipzig might also find it useful to make it possible for people to contact them.  If their blog posts had a “tweet” button at the bottom, they would get tweeted and so become much better known!



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