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15′ statue of Hadrian found in SE Turkey

BBC News reports that Belgian archaeologists have discovered the parts of a statue of Hadrian at Sagalassos, in Pisidia in S.E. Turkey.  The report has a link to 5 pictures of the fragments.  Portions of another huge statue may be that of Sabina, his wife.  The two statues were about 12-15 foot high, and stood in a bath-house, which was ruined in an earthquake ca. 700 AD.

National Geographic have another picture.  A site with details of the excavation programme at Sagalassos is here; see also

The last Roman in London

Mike Aquilina at Way of the Fathers reports a BBC news item.  It seems that a burial has been found in London (Londinium), of a grave from the early 5th century. The burial was at St. Martin-in-the-Fields church, near Trafalgar Square.

The man was buried in a Roman sarcophagus with a bit of Saxon pottery.  Test show that he died between 390 and 430AD.  The BBC call him the “Last Roman” and indeed he must have been one of the last Roman inhabitants; someone who saw the legions leave and the barbarians arrive.

Gladiator cemetary uncovered at Ephesus

The BBC report that a cementary of Gladiators has been found at Ephesus. Skeletons bear healed injuries, as well as the marks of trident injuries, and also death from a hammer blow.