Libya and Leptis Magna

I’m off to Libya for a long weekend in a couple of weeks.  Actually I went 18 months ago, but didn’t see as much of Leptis Magna as I would have liked.  This time I hope to walk down to the quayside, and walk across the sandy beach that runs between the breakwaters of the silted-up harbour.  On the eastern wharf the warehouses are apparently pretty much intact, and a temple of Jupiter Dolichenus is somewhere beyond that. 

I’ve never been able to find out much about research and archaeology in Libya. Emails to people who might know have all been ignored. I wish that I knew more.

One thought on “Libya and Leptis Magna

  1. Dear Mr Pearse,
    I am preaparing an essay on the Jupiter Dolichenus temple of Leptis Magna, but i can’t find much information about it, maybe you have some pictures or anything that can help me about that temple?

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