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How to download a book at the German Arachne – DAI site

I had trouble with this, so I am going to document it here!  With pictures.  Because it’s about as user-friendly as a cornered rat; but obvious once you know. Say you want to download a volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum?  These are here.  So go to that link.  You get a page like this […]

The decay of digital media

This evening I was looking through some PDF’s of a Mithras reference volume, which a correspondent very kindly scanned for me some time back.   I keep a copy on my travelling laptop, and so when I am working away from home, I can work on the site in the evenings in the hotel.  I was, in fact, […]

LACE Greek OCR project

On a better note, we live in blessed times where technology and the ancient world are concerned.  The astonishing results of a project to OCR volumes of ancient Greek from Archive.org may now be found online here.  Clicking on the first entry, and one of the outputs in it here gives astonishingly good results.

Admin: possible changes to the appearance of the site

I may need to change the WordPress theme that I use for this site.  For some reason quoting material – which I do a lot – does not work very well since I upgraded.  My apologies if there is any oddness while I experiment! UPDATE: OK, I have reverted.  The same problems appeared in the […]

Updating the WordPress software

My apologies to anyone who tried to visit the site over the last half-hour.  I was engaged in the long-deferred task of updating WordPress (and cursing the half-written upgrade instructions).  All seems to be well now.

Google sabotaging Internet Explorer

A new version of Google Mail yesterday; and today I find that it won’t work properly with Internet Explorer 10.  I was forced to use Chrome – which I dislike – in order to reply to an email.   (link; link) It looks as if it doesn’t work that well with Firefox either. This is not […]

Disabling IE10 auto-complete spam

I upgraded to IE10 recently, but have been driven crazy by one ‘feature’.  When I type in the address box a few letters of one of my regular sites, it shows me a whole list of url’s which I have never visited and in which I have no interest.  This infuriating trick must be commercially […]

Attempts to hack the new Mithras pages

When I wrote the PHP scripts that support my Roman cult of Mithras site, I incorporated some code to tell me if anyone was looking at the pages.  Specifically it tells me which pages are popular; information that is useful to me when deciding what to work on. Each page is accessed using an address like this: […]

Free ancient Greek OCR – getting started with Tesseract

A correspondent draws my attention to Tesseract, a Google-hosted project to do Optical Character Recognition.  The Tesseract website is here.  Tesseract is a command-line tool, but there are front-ends available. I am a long-term fan of Abbyy Finereader, and, let’s face it, have probably OCR’d more text than most.  So I thought that I would […]

Still trying to set up my Samsung RF711 laptop with an SSD

I’ve spent each weekend for a couple of weeks now trying to get my new Samsung RF711 laptop set up to use a solid-state drive (SSD).  It has been an experience of unmitigated pain.  Today is gone, and nothing to show for it. Not that this is the fault of Samsung.  Their kit works well, and […]