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The Latium parapegma and the nundinal days

In the Chronography of 354 A.D., which may be found online here, part 6 consists of a calendar.  The days of the month are listed. I give an extract from January here: I don’t know what the first column is.  The second column, in Roman numerals, are the days of the week, 1-7.  Each week […]

From my diary

I’ve continued working on the PHP scripts for the new Mithras site.  It’s slow, because I don’t do much development work in PHP.  The reason for doing this is so that I can work on the site from anywhere, work or home; and so that it will support things such as footnotes, not found in […]

From my diary

I’ve been doing some more work on the Mithras Project pages.  This has been entirely PHP and perl coding, tho. Daryn Lehoux kindly sent me a copy of the paperback of his book, Astronomy, Weather, and Calendars in the Ancient World.  CUP are now selling this on Amazon at USD$40.  It’s very excellent, and I […]

Daryn Lehoux’s thesis on ancient astronomical calendars is online

I’m still thinking about parapegma, the ancient peg-calendars to predict star- and weather-movements.  A google search has revealed that the opening parts of Daryn Lehoux’s 2007 book are a version of his 2000 PhD thesis, which is online at ScribD here.   It’s a Canadian thesis, which leads me to wonder whether Canadian theses are online for free, and […]

Manuscripts of the calendar of Antiochus of Athens

I thought it might be useful to signal how the calendar of Antiochus got to us.  We have Boll’s nice printed edition, and Daryn Lehoux’s even nicer text, translation and explanatory notes.  But … how did these get to us?  What is the text based on?  Boll lists the copies available to him, which were […]

The calendar of Antiochus of Athens as a ‘parapegma’, and an existing translation (!)

In a very useful comment on a recent post, Alexander Jones drew my attention to the term “parapegma”, and to Daryn Lehoux, “Astronomy, weather, and calendars in the ancient world: parapegmata and related texts in classical and Near Eastern societies”, CUP, 2007. The link is to the Google Books preview.  At a price of $155, […]