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From my diary

Well, that was a day that I intended to spend with Mithras!  But a member of staff decided to turn up at 1pm, rather than at 9am, and that put paid to that. However a few interesting stories have emerged in the media today.  There is a volcano erupting in Russia and temperatures of -20 C in Moscow on […]

More on the Charities Commission and the Brethren

Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail today comments: With what chewing-gum officialdom knots the shoelaces of its masters. Take a select committee meeting yesterday examining the charities world. Our witness was William Shawcross, new chairman of the Charity Commission. Mr Shawcross is successor to Dame Suzi Leather. You remember Dame Suzi: Labour’s little Miss Snippety […]

Aesopica: the horse and the stag

The Fables of Aesop reach us through many derivative collections, such as those of Phaedrus and Babrius.  To edit a collection of them is no doubt a serious business.  But the fables are not lacking in contemporary relevance. In Britain the Exclusive Brethren church is being attacked by the Charities Commission, which seems to want […]

Plymouth Brethren banned in Britain

Or they might as well be, if their members have to pay 33% tax on every penny they donate, and the church then has to hand over 20% of all donations to the state. From the Daily Mail: MPs are demanding an inquiry into the Charity  Commission after the watchdog banned a Christian group from […]

British MP attacks Charity Commission attempt to tax the Brethren

Good news.  British MP Douglas Carswell today writes how absurd it is that a modern quango is involving itself in deciding which religious groups are allowed to be charities, and which must be taxed: Religious freedom means – amongst other things – allowing practitioners of a faith to decide for themselves who is, and who […]

British Government to take 20% of church collections in tax

A story has surfaced (via eChurch blog) that some small Brethren churches were being “denied charitable status” on the grounds that the “2006 Act removed the presumption of public benefit from certain classes of charity including religious charities”.  Another small church is having its charitable status “revoked”.  But this rather hides what is happening here. This […]

UK: Brethren church refused charitable status

A group of Exclusive Brethren churches in the UK have been refused charitable status.  From here: A Brethren church has been denied charitable status, in a move which  some claim could lead other Christian groups into difficulties…. This is the first time that charitable status has been refused to a religious group, since changes were […]