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Playing with a 1905 Russian book, Finereader 12, and Google Translate

This morning I decided to see what I could find out about a 1905 Russian edition of the works of Methodius of Olympus (d.311 AD), which I obtained in PDF form from a library in Chicago a year or so back. Now I don’t know any Russian … not even the alphabet.  But I have […]

Machine translating unknown texts – the copiale manuscript

Via Dyspepsia Generation I find this story at Wired: They Cracked This 250-Year-Old Code, and Found a Secret Society Inside It was actually an accident that brought to light the symbolic “sight-restoring” ritual. The decoding effort started as a sort of game between two friends that eventually engulfed a team of experts in disciplines ranging […]

Ve haf vays of meking you translate … not you Google, sit down!

Michael Gilleland has been trying out German on Google Translate, with mixed results. I used to tell students, “This passage makes sense in Latin, and your English translation has to make sense, too. It isn’t nonsense in Latin, and it can’t be nonsense in English.” Google Translate’s version of Wilamowitz’s German seems to fail the […]

Using Google translate on Manuel Paleologus, and contributing as you do

I’m trying to finish up various little tasks that I started ages ago.  One of these was a translation of book 7 of the Dialogue with a Persian by Manuel Paleologus, which got Pope Benedict into such hot water with the Moslems awhile back.  I’ve been looking at the French version of this. Here’s a […]