Lost Syriac manuscripts found?

I wrote on Saturday to the author of this site http://sanate.free.fr/.  I got back a most interesting note about the books burned at Seert in 1915 (see preceding post). 

It seems that five years ago a case of books was found in the Bibliothèque Nationale Française in Paris.  It contained some twenty of the most precious manuscripts, brought from Seert by Addai Scher, just before the start of WW1!

I referred to the found and then lost text of “De incarnatione” of Theodore of Mopsuestia.  Is it possible that this text, thought lost, has all the while been slumbering in a packing crate, through two world wars?  I will investigate further…!


2 thoughts on “Lost Syriac manuscripts found?

  1. Is there something that suggests that Theodore’s text is among the manuscripts found or is that merely your “hope”? If it was discovered five years ago, shouldn’t a list of what manuscripts were found exist by now?

    If this text would be found it would indeed be a great day! That, or the “Against those that say sin is ingrained by nature” would shed lots of light on Theodore.

  2. This was my hope. But I have since found that the manuscripts are present in the catalogue of Syriac manuscripts at the BNF issued in 1997 and accessible online. Theodore’s ms is NOT among them. Indeed those listed are mostly biblical mss; nothing, as far as I could tell, that does not exist in other copies. This is very sad.

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