Syriac texts to place online

Fr. Mathew Koshy, a gentleman in India, has just sent me a transcription of the Syriac text of the Chronicle of Joshua the Stylite, for which we agreed terms last year. This was after I scanned the English translation. This should appear online soon, as a freely available public domain text. He’s willing to do some more, and I need to think of Syriac texts which it would be useful to have online. Suggestions are welcome!

I think that the Letter of Mara Bar Serapion would be useful to have, and so I will get that done. Beyond that, I’m not sure. I have the text of the astronomical treatise of the 6th century writer Severus Sebokht on the Astrolabe, so that might be a possible also. But I wonder a bit how many people would care about it. Historical texts are always good.

I also have Syriac portions of Eusebius of Caesarea’s lost work on Biblical Questions, from the Patrologia Graeca. But perhaps the most useful would be the list of Syriac books by Ebedjesu?

PS. The Syriac text is now online here and the list of texts is here. To view it you need the Meltho fonts installed (that page is in Serto Jerusalem). The electronic text is in the public domain, so do help yourselves, do whatever you like with it, without reference to me or anyone else. It’s taken from Wright’s edition.


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