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I have this evening discovered two volumes of the Berlin Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller series containing critical texts of works by Eusebius at Google books.  A search for “eusebius werke” brought up vol. 2.2 (HE VI-X, Martyrs of Palestine, Rufinus HE X-XI); vol 3 (Onomasticon).  I’m not sure what the proper URL’s are, since I’m using a backdoor to access them: anyone?

Postscript: See the comments for links.  But I have now tried entering “griechischen christlichen schriftsteller” (without the quotes in Google books).  This gets me one link, here, which seems to display no content, and links to three “Other editions” in ‘snippet view’.  Can anyone in the US see any of the content for any of these four?


6 thoughts on “GCS Eusebius at Google Books

  1. I am having no luck at all with this. I confess to finding Google Books completely hit and miss. Please do blog if you find it – I am desperate for Rufinus!

  2. Here’s Schwartz’s vol. 2.2., containing the back end of the HE:

    volume 2.2.

    The table of contents is a couple of pages in and indicates the presence of Rufinus.

    Only people in the US can access these volumes unless they use a proxy that anonymises them.

  3. Interestingly if I access the above link from outside the US, I get very little; if I access it from the US, the very same page contains a lot of links to other books as well. So not merely are non-US readers unable to see the content of most of Google Books; but also the indexing information.

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