Translating Eusebius’s Chronicle 1 online: why not have a go at a sentence?

The chronicle of Eusebius has never been translated into English.  But we have a simple Latin version, and also a German one.  Much of it is in short sentences or phrases, so even a novice at Latin would probably find something they could do.  

Would people be interested in having a go at this, as a collaborative online translation?

What I’ve done, is put online the entries for the preface, down to the start of quotes from Alexander Polyhistor on Berossus, and made it editable so that anyone can enter stuff. Each sentence is separately editable. There’s no passwords or logons involved. Anyone can edit anything by just pressing the edit button.

If you know any Latin at all, or German, why not buzz over to this page and contribute a sentence or two?

The intention is that the whole translation should be in the public domain and be put online for everyone.

I’ll add some stuff in, but by all means feel free to add notes to each bit you do if something is uncertain and see if someone else can find the answer!

It’s a bit of fun, not something serious — if you know amo amas amat, I think you could probably do a sentence or two! 

2 thoughts on “Translating Eusebius’s Chronicle 1 online: why not have a go at a sentence?

  1. Great idea! Unfortunately, I’m a Greek/French geek, or I’d jump in. If you’re going to leave this up as a public domain document, why don’t you copyright it under Creative Commons? That solves the problem of proper citing but leaves the work open to anyone who would like to use it. Just a thought. I do love what you’re doing, though. It’s great to see more of these resources available, and especially as a group project. Have fun!

  2. Great to hear from you!

    Greek and French, eh? Don’t worry, that’s a great combination, and one day I might write to you about such a project.

    I favoured PD because it allows the widest possible circulation. Not sure what Creative Commons is, or how it is better?

    Thanks very much for the kind words! It’s all about proper planning, and making sure it’s fun for everyone. A day and a half in, and around 60% of the first chunk is done already! I wish more people would have a go at what I do — it doesn’t take a genius.

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